about us

We are a space composed of lawyers and legal assistants, which provides legal assistance and legal services.

We have as purpose providing legal, human and efficient solutions to the people, organizations and companies in matters that they entrust to us.


We have a wide experience in both, public and private sectors.

The head lawyer of this Firm has been part of the State Bar of the Republic of Argentina in the national public sector, as a legal counsel of the National Directorate of Judicial Affairs of the Treasury Office of the Nation. Then, in the same sector, he was appointed as Legal Director of the Ministry of Commerce of the Nation.

Likewise, he has also provided legal assistance in various bodies of the Government and Legislature of the Buenos Aires Autonomous city.

In the private sector, this Firm also advises and sponsors different people, organizations and companies from different economic sectors of our country.


We are also characterized by carrying out pro-bono actions, assisting and defending people and / or low-income organizations of the Buenos Aires Autonomous city and / or the Buenos Aires Province, in matters of human rights, housing and disability cases.

Likewise, we carry out the defense of the tangible and intangible cultural heritage of the Buenos Aires city, through different collective actions; as they were for example: the legal causes related to the patrimonial defense of the Colón Theater.

Professional Skills

Public Law

We specialize in advising and sponsorship in the framework of administrative procedures at the national, provincial, municipal or local level, in matters such as: Economic Regulation, Public Tenders, Defense of Competition, Commercial Loyalty and Consumer Law, Tax Law and Customs, Trademarks and patents and Public Employment.

In addition, we carry out the defense of our clients in the field of administrative litigation, at national and local level and before the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation.

Civil and commercial law

We carry out legal assistance and sponsorship of people and companies in cases of damages.

We also have a portfolio of clients in matters of Family law and inheritance rights, as well as in matters of property law.

Criminal Law

We provide our clients legal assistance in their defense, within the framework of criminal proceedings at local, national and federal levels.

Public Consulting

We develop the analysis of political, legal and economic issues entrusted by our clients and prepare legislative projects, for the purposes of their presentation and promotion by public or private organizations.

Real State Business

Our space advises our clients on purchases, sales, rentals, and developments in real estate projects, mortgages and foreclosures.

Labor Law

We carry out the defense of employees and companies, in the face of labor conflicts that may occur within the framework of an employment relationship.